A Conversation with Non-Alchemist

Two of my favorite bloggers!

The Amateur Exegete

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of speaking with @AlchemistNon over on his YouTube channel. Topics included deconversion, inerrancy, contradictions in the Bible, philosophy of religion, and more. For those unfamiliar with @AlchemistNon, he is an agnostic who has had a similar trajectory religiously as I have had (minus the KJV Onlyism, the stint at Pensacola Christian College, and a few other [horrible] things). His deconversion story, told in brief and broad strokes, can be found here and it is interesting in its own right.

What I love about @AlchemistNon is his methodical approach to the subjects he addresses. It isn’t simply his intelligence or breadth of knowledge; those are enviable as well. What he does so very well is to focus on the key issues related to a topic, articulate both sides of the issue, and then present his case succinctly and with clarity. He serves as an excellent…

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