The Weekly Roundup – 2.7.20

The Amateur Exegete

You didn’t want it, ask for it, or need it, but nevertheless the Weekly Roundup has returned!

  • Andre Gagne (PhD, Université catholique de Louvain/Université de Montréal) posted the first in a series on eschatology entitled “Unraveling the ‘End Times,’” complete with that charming Canadian accent we’ve all come to love in our neighbors to the north. Gagne discusses various eschatological frameworks including preterism, historicism, idealism, and futurism, as well as the subject of the millennium which is variously interpreted by Christians. For example, I grew up a dispensational premillennialist of the Scofield/Larkin/Ruckmanite variety (Jesus returns before the 1,000 year reign of Rev. 20) but in my 20s moved to amillennialism (the “1,000” is symbolic of the post-Resurrection era before Jesus’ return). If you’re not familiar with Christian eschatology or if you just need a refresher, Gagne’s series so far looks like a great place to start!
  • The January…

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