Newzz: Feminizing the great climate change debate

Gender politics and Climate Change studies by Meredith Sherock


Arguments for and against climate change action simply envelop us. Whether you’re flipping through the science pages of the paper, feeling big emotions over an environmental documentary, or engaging in political debates at the pub, you’ve likely witnessed many different stances on this hot topic (excuse the pun).

But have you ever considered the motivations behind this discourse? Why do certain politicians, scientists, businesspeople, and environmentalists adopt the rhetoric they use?

Media experts and science communicators have long studied these questions. But until recently, we never really considered how climate change discourse differs due to… gender.

A group of psychologists at Penn State, led by Dr. Janet K. Swim, finally delved into this issue. They argue that the framing of climate change debates exists within rigid, historic gender norms.

matter Photo: Meredith Sherock – Denver Science March, 2017.

It’s all in the framing

What exactly do researchers mean by “framing?” In…

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