Daily Footprint, #30 – Sustainable and Ethical Cat Litter

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A flawed Christianity 101: can you spot the mistakes? — Why Evolution Is True

Reader Michael sent this National Geographic video, which, in line with their new and irritating touting of religion (and lack of criticism of its tenets), presents Jesus as as a real being. Reader Michael spotted some errors and distortions in this short clip. As he said: Some major assumptions, inaccuracies & cock-ups – how many […]

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The Weekly Roundup – 12.7.18

The Amateur Exegete

“The death of the messiah [in Mark’s Gospel], at the hour of the cross, is the advent of the υἱὸς τοῦ ἀνθρώπου, who has come with great power and glory (13:26).”
– Danny Yencich

  • On 11.25.18 Twitter users @Shann_Q0 and @paulogia0 had a discussion with pop-apologist SJ Thomason covering a wide-range of topics including Gospel authorship, the historicity of the Resurrection, the growth of Christianity, and more. I think both Shannon and Paul did a pretty good job of sticking to the facts and resting their laurels on a lot of New Testament scholarship. Thomason, on the other hand, offers the same pat answers that the pop-apologists she reads give. Also, Thomason seems to be easily distracted and I’ve noticed this in other YouTube conversations, her Twitter posts, and even in her blog posts. In any event, I really appreciate the work that Shannon and Paul put into the conversation with…

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A Blog You Should Follow

The Amateur Exegete

This blog, for better or for worse, is about biblical texts. My aim is to point my few readers to resources that illuminate biblical texts and help them understand them better. So I don’t recommend many blogs (though I follow plenty of good ones). But today I need to recommend the blog of Twitter user @elishabenabuya called “Musings of an Apikoris.” It is a site filled with posts covering the Hebrew Bible, including numerous pieces on the various texts Christians misuse and misapply from the Hebrew scriptures. His exchange with SJ Thomason, a pop-apologist, over Isaiah 53 is well worth the time to read. You can read those recent pieces here and here. Here are a few of my other favorite posts:

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